Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s Customer Survey Guide – 2021

Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s is a popular restaurant chain for diners of all ages. If you are a frequent diner, then you should fill out the Tellhappystar survey forms. Filling out these forms will give you special promo codes that you can redeem on your next order for a discount or additional treat. If you would want to know how to fill the form, then read till the end.

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How to Take The TellHappyStar survey?

To take a Tellhappystar Survey at Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s, follow these steps:

1. First, go to their official website at:
It will load a webpage like this.

You are given two languages choice when you visit the Tellhappystar Survey homepage: English and Española. You can change the language by clicking on the language button below the Start button.


2. On the homepage of the Tellhappystar Survey website, you can many different options. Firstly, you’ll need the Store number to participate. The store number can be found on the bill as marked 1 in the above image. Enter the store number to proceed.

3. Next, you will need to enter the on which you made the purchase. Remember that the date you enter cannot be more than 7 days back before the date on the bill. Click on the small calendar near the date blank field to open the calendar and enter the date.

4. Now you will have to enter the time at which you made the purchase at Carl’s and Hardee’s restaurant. Mention the time exactly as given on your Carl’s and Hardee’s restaurant bill.

You will have to confirm whether you are 18 years of age or older. Do this by selecting yes or no from the drop-down menu above the Start button.

Click on Start on the actual Tellhappystar Survey page.


The following questions use a 5-point scale to take your answers. You can do the ratings from Highly Satisfied (5), Satisfied (4), Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied (3), Dissatisfied (2), Highly Dissatisfied (1). Select any of the above options to give your feedback.

The first question is “Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Carl’s Jr.® restaurant.

If you selected highly dissatisfied, you will be asked to confirm the same on the next page.

The next question is to select your visit type. You can choose from Drive-thru, Carry-out, Dine-in, and Delivery.

The subsequent survey varies on the visit type, i.e., Drive-thru, Carry-out, Dine-in, and Delivery. There are a certain set of questions that are repeated across the above 4 visits. Also, some steps and questions differ as well. We have explained the process of giving Tellhappystar Survey for each visit type.

The Following Set of Questions are Repeated:

Problem Question:

The next question is a yes or no type. You have to answer: Did you experience a problem during your visit?

Answer: Select the applicable answer and click on next.

If you click on Yes, the following questionnaire appears: “Please rate your satisfaction with how well the problem was resolved. If you did not bring the problem to the staff’s attention, select N/A”.

The next webpage asks you to select all the problems that you experienced.

You can choose multiple options from Speed of service, Taste of food, Cleanliness of the restaurant, accuracy of order, friendliness of staff, ease of placing an order, something else.

Carl’s Jr.® Feedback section

The next webpage is the same if you clicked NO in the above question. It has two questions, which is based on the experience of this visit.

The questions include: * Return to this particular Carl’s Jr.® in next 30 days?, * Recommend this particular Carl’s Jr.® others in the next 30 days? Select the desired answer and click on Next.

The next page requires you to answer in 3 or more sentences why were you satisfied or dissatisfied with your: Carl’s Jr.® experience.

Covid-19 Section | Carl’s Jr. Experience Survey

Next, you have to rate your satisfaction with * The actions that Carl’s Jr.® has taken to protect the health and safety of customers during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, * The communication from Carl’s Jr.® regarding the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. If you have not received communication, select N/A. Click on Next.

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Conclusion Questions:

The next webpage asks “Would you like to provide your e-mail address to make coupons, special promotions, and invitations to participate in future research?” You can choose Yes or No. Click on Next
If you click on Yes, then on the next page you have to enter your contact details such as First Name, Last Name, Email address and confirm email address. Click on Next. You will be redirected to the last page
If you click on Next, you be redirected to the last page.

After completing the conclusion questions, you are redirected to the last page. On the last page, you will be provided with a validation code. You need to write it down on your receipt and present it the next time you visit. You receipt will be surrendered. You have now successfully completed the survey form.

These are the 4 different survey forms you will get depending on the service type you chose:
Carry Out

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